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Grey's Anatomy Fangirls Gone Wild!

Connecting the fandom, one girlie at a time.

Grey's Fangirls Gone Wild!
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Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy fangirl? This is the place for you. Come here and squee, post drabble and nonsense and learn more about our fairly regular "Grey's Queen of the day" extravaganza. Random times throughout the year we take signups for out "Mixer" a great big party where we celebrate our love for the show and each day a new Queen is spoiled. On your day you make your requests and your loyal servants must oblige!

Any type of Grey's fangirl is welcome, be it a frequent slasher or canon shipper...you're welcome here as long as you're a fangirl. So join up and make friends and let the party begin.

Our next Mixer starts December 1st, sign ups will be posted soon!